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Experienced. Driven. 4th generation management team. Focused on doing what’s right for our customers. This is 12:eleven Production Equipment. As a specialty company providing custom design, engineering and fabrication of production and process equipment, we are dedicated to doing what’s right for our customers and passionate about creating value on every project.

Innovation at Work


High costs and intensive service of firetube maintenance has been a growing problem for both vertical and horizontal treaters. Due to the corrosive environment of the firetube’s location on a vessel (water contact), the risk of failure is significant and the threat of a catastrophic accident (fire) is very high. Even the slightest imperfection in metal integrity from corrosion, such as a small pin-hole, can destroy an entire production facility as the result of fire…and several have been destroyed. This firetube problem posed both a significant environmental risk and severe safety issue – many times occurring after it was too late to prevent the incident.


With the extensive oil and gas production background of the 12:eleven team, multiple solutions to mitigate the risk of these firetube failures were evaluated and considered. In order to innovate, many traditional and conventional mental models and production processes were eliminated during the problem-solving exercise. The ultimate solution was to eliminate a conventional treater and introduce indirect heating with a complementary piece of equipment. This allowed for indirect oil heating through a low-pressure method in a non-corrosive environment; therefore, mitigating risk of firetube failures. This new, innovative process not only reduced the environmental risk and the obvious safety issue, but additional safety improvements were realized as it relates to maintenance. The positive impact of the solution also justified a special spacing variance order from the state commission authority. This variance allows for the placement of the production vessel much closer to the storage tanks; thus, significantly reducing the production pad size and resulting in large customer savings.

12:eleven Innovation At Work
12:eleven Production Equipment

Your Single Source Provider

One stop shop. At 12:eleven, we are a single source for design, engineering and fabrication of multiple production and process equipment categories. Partner with 12:eleven and eliminate: multiple fabricator, engineering, and vendor relationships; equipment tracking and coordination of multi-components; and complex logistics coordination.  Our customers only need to make one call. Contact Us.

12:eleven Production Equipment

Principles We Live and Work By

Building value for our customers is our objective, providing the best in customer service is how we achieve our goals. Everything that we do is filtered through a set of formal Guiding Principles, which guide our actions and norms of behavior. These principles are built on a foundation of the following virtues: Integrity, Humility, Respect and Selflessness, and continue through the life of each customer relationship.

12:eleven Production Equipment

Our Geographic Reach

Anytime. Anywhere. The 12:eleven geographic support reaches many active basins across North America, including, but not limited to: Bakken, Permian, Delaware, Eagle Ford, Stack, Scoop, Niobrara, Piceance, Barnett, Marcellus and Utica.

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Our Leadership

Shane is a fourth-generation oilfield entrepreneur. He has been professionally involved in the petroleum industry for more than thirty (30) years. Prior to his formal oilfield career, Shane was Vice President of commercial lending for Louisiana’s largest bank at their main office in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has actively participated in the ownership and leadership, as President/CEO, of several successful oilfield service companies since 1993, including: Chem-Tech, Tri-Collar, Dynea Oilfield Chemicals, Wireline Specialists, Kurios Oil & Gas, Frac-Chem, and Gravity Fuel Systems. Shane is also an active angel investor in dozens of start-ups and growth businesses outside of the oilfield.

Shane and his family are actively involved in mission work in Zambia, Africa… Serving as an American ambassador to orphans, alongside other Americans, ministering to 1000’s of orphans via education, nutrition, discipleship and lots of “hugs.”

Shane earned a BS degree in Finance with honors from the University of New Orleans.

Over eighteen (18+) years of experience designing, engineering and fabricating oilfield production equipment. A history of managing both small and large teams and up to nine-figure revenue streams. His experience and history also included, leading the start-up of business units and divisions in multiple geographic locations throughout North America. Josh’s depth of field experience and formal education combined with his history in engineering and design roles have developed into a unique capability and rounded knowledge for creating innovative solutions for customers.

Summary of Experience

  • 18 years of total work experience in the oil and gas industry; emphasis on production and equipment
  • Promoted and recognized several times for professional expertise and innovation
  • Over 5 years of direct fabrication shop and production experience as a welder and assembly worker
  • Over 8 years of direct engineering and project management experience
  • Over 3 years of direct sales, account manager, and sales leader experience
  • Multiple years as business unit leader
  • 12 years of experience in the U.S. Army performing various duties:
    • Ranger Infantryman / Staff Sargent.
    • Honor graduate.
    • Successfully led several combat missions in high risk/ targeted areas.
    • Led and trained in upwards of 250+ soldiers at boot camp per cycle.
    • Honorably discharged for completion of military duty.
  • Granted a SECRET security clearance by the Department of Defense

Josh has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Josh also received his PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.

Over thirty (30) years of experience in oil field chemicals, production and drilling – with an emphasis on field production. Experience and skills have touched all areas of the oilfield business (i.e. operations, sales, service, technical, innovation, etc.) – in both foreign and domestic operations.

Randy has owned and operated two successful oil field chemical companies – Sentry International and Chem-Tech. Possess proven skills in developing businesses and revenues, with a specialty in troubleshooting oilfield production challenges. Active roles and ownership of the following companies: Tri-Collar, Dynea Oilfield Chemicals, Wireline Specialists, Kurios Oil & Gas, Frac-Chem, and Gravity Fuel Systems.

Developed and formulated several oilfield chemicals used by Exxon Chemical, Baker Performance Chemical, Sii Chem-Tech (MI). Recognized and Awarded Patent with Exxon for Soluble Oil Chemical Technology. Holds Process Patent with Exxon for the remediation of Radio-Nuclides from contaminated soils, pits and drilling muds. Co-Developed and recently Awarded Patent for a Diagnostic Tool that helps Oil and Gas Companies to determine if they are candidates for chemical foamer technology.

Over 20 years of oilfield service company experience in the capacity of financial oversite and administration management. Her career has included roles reporting to large multi-billion-dollar parent companies as well as start-up entities. In each case, Ellen was a key contributor of value to both her employer and customers.

Ellen has been involved in many functional areas of the oil and gas business, including but not limited to: administrative, financial, vendor and customer relations, import/export, customer service, internal and external communication, and general operations. She has been consistently recognized for demonstrating a high level of integrity and humility in all her activities and assignments and was praised for her reliability, work ethic and dedicated service.

Bobby has over 35+ years in the oil and gas industry from field operations, drilling, pumper, fabrication, supervisor, and QC lead. Bobby has a depth of oilfield experience that he has gleaned from the various positions that he has held throughout his career that touch many different stages of the oil and gas process. His previous experience includes supervising and managing various stages of equipment fabrication, including a focus on quality control and service. His roots start with a broad level of field experience and it is conveyed in his attention to detail on how equipment is engineered, fabricated and assembled; meeting and exceeding all quality standards. With over 26 years’ experience at Natco/Cameron, he not only supervised various departments in the fabrication but also had to meet strict timelines for customers deliveries.

Bobby is one that you can count on to get the job done and walk away knowing that it was done right. He instinctively knows what and how the customer wants to see the equipment when it arrives on location. With his extensive background in field service, ease of maintenance is the first thought when units are being assembled.

Bobby has many certifications related to oilfield classes and programs.

With over 10 years of project management experience in various industries, George brings a skill to the team that delivers a high level of accountability and service to our customers. His background also includes management and leadership related to coordinating purchases, deliveries, and inventory of high value materials. Previous duties have led him into positions where he was solely responsible and accountable for all the equipment and materials of the organization. He has also worked within various state regulations related to purchasing parts and materials for high profile special projects.

George has held roles where he was responsible for developing training materials for various site administrators. George has always maintained good working relationships with point of contacts to ensure needs were met in a timely and efficient manner – with a goal to always exceed expectations. Through hard work and determination, George has earned the trust and confidence of his customers and has developed many long-term relationships throughout his career.

George holds a BA in Psychology at Midwestern State University.

Tim has been a customer relations professional for over 16 years with experience in B2B sales/sales management, marketing and overall relationship management. He is a motivating team member with great communication and presentation skills, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to serve the customer. He is hyper focused on understanding the customers’ needs and facilitating the development of innovative yet practical solutions. He has a proven track record of leadership in business planning and execution. He attributes most of the value that he adds to a customer’s operations is via detailed collaboration, and focused implication of the idea to the field.  

Tim has a BS degree from BYU